The inspiration for Receptions for Research: The Greg Olsen Foundation began when Greg experienced the effects of cancer.

In September 2001, Greg's mother, Susan Olsen, was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Greg witnessed his mother’s courageous fight.

Not only was Susan a loving wife, she was also a dedicated mother. While enduring several rounds of chemotherapy, Susan stayed strong, waking up every day and living life as close as she could before her diagnosis. Although she was physically and emotionally drained, Susan attended every sporting event and school function her three boys participated in.

Every Friday night, Susan threw on a Wayne Hills Football hat over her blonde wig and sat in the bleachers to watch her two sons, Greg and Chris, play. Her youngest son, Kevin, was the ball boy. Her husband, Chris, was the head football coach. Greg fondly remembers looking up in the stands, rain or shine, and seeing his mother cheering on the team as she always did.

Susan is now a survivor, but Greg will never forget what his mother did for him and the family. It is in Susan's honor that Greg started Receptions for Research: The Greg Olsen Foundation. Greg saw how difficult it was for his mother to battle breast cancer, and he wants to make sure that everyone who is affected by cancer has a second chance in life, just like Susan had.